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Draft Householder Extensions /Alterations Design Guidance SPD

Gravesham Borough Council is consulting on this draft supplementary planning document for householders in Gravesham. This guidance document builds upon a number of the adopted Local Plan Core Strategy policies (September 2014) in particular Policy CS19: Development and Design Principles. Extensions and alterations to a home can be an economical way of ensuring a home can meet a household's present and future needs. In order to meet these needs it is important they are well designed, well-built and sympathetic to their surroundings without adverse effects on the original house, immediate neighbours, the local view of the street and the character and appearance of the local area.

Local Green Space

Gravesham Borough Council recognises the importance of green spaces to the health and well-being of those who live and work within the Borough by providing a range of social, environmental and economic benefits. The Council is seeking to designate Local Green Spaces by asking residents of the Borough and other stakeholders to nominate potential site for Local Green Space designation, and to comment on the criteria that will be used to assess these nominations for formal designation through the emerging Local Plan.

Emerging Local Plan Partial Review, Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (Regulation 18 - Stage 2) Consultation

Following the Regulation 18 (Stage 1) Consultation in 2018, we have considered the representations received and gathered additional information to inform the amount of housing, employment and retail development needed in the Borough to 2036. We are seeking views on these issues and the options for determining where future development could take place to meet identified needs. We are also seeking views on the sites that it is proposed to allocate for housing and employment in addition to those already allocated in the Local Plan Core Strategy, and the updated policies in the Development Management Policies Document.

Gravesham Self-Build and Custom Building Register You can Respond Online

The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 requires certain public authorities, including Local Authorities, to keep a register of individuals and associations of individuals who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land for self-build and custom housebuilding projects in the Local Authority’s area. A serviced plot is defined as a plot of land which has access to a public highway; and has connections for electricity, water and waste water. There is a duty placed on the Council to have regard to the register when carrying out its planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions. There is also a duty on other public bodies, who may have responsibility for such functions, to have regard to the register. The register will provide valuable information on the demand for self-build and custom house building in Gravesham and form a key part of the evidence base of the demand for this type of housing.