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  • Gravesham Self-Build and Custom Building Register Open

    The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 requires certain public authorities, including Local Authorities, to keep a register of individuals and associations of individuals who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land for self-build and custom housebuilding projects in the Local Authority’s area. A serviced plot is defined as a plot of land which has access to a public highway; and has connections for electricity, water and waste water. There is a duty placed on the Council to have regard to the register when carrying out its planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions. There is also a duty on other public bodies, who may have responsibility for such functions, to have regard to the register. The register will provide valuable information on the demand for self-build and custom house building in Gravesham and form a key part of the evidence base of the demand for this type of housing.

    Open from 10 May 2018 to 31 Mar 2028

  • Gravesham Local Validation List Open

    The Council is consulting for a period of 6 weeks, on the form and content of our Local Validation List (Local List) of Validation Requirements for Planning Applications. The purpose of the Local List is to enable the Local Planning Authority to define what information is necessary to ensure that the application adequately describes the impact of the proposed development, in order to better enable decision makers and interested persons to understand the implications of that development, and whether it is in accordance with, or contrary to planning policy and other material considerations.

    Open from 25 Nov 2019 to 03 Jan 2020

  • Part 1 Site Allocations: Issues and Options document - Call for additional sites Closed

    The council is inviting land owners and developers to submit sites with development potential as part of this SLAA 'call for sites' exercise. Sites that can be submitted include those with development potential for residential, employment, tourism, leisure and other uses.

    Open from 25 Apr 2018 to 11 Jul 2018

  • Part 1 Site Allocations: Issues and Options - Regulation 18 Consultation Closed

    The Council has prepared a Regulation 18 Site Allocations: Issues and Options document for consultation. In light of revised future growth requirements (estimates of need) this document looks at options for how and where this future growth may be accommodated in the Borough. The options identified are in addition to sites allocated for the development of homes and jobs in the Gravesham Local Plan Core Strategy and in addition to sites with planning permission for development granted by the Council.

    Open from 25 Apr 2018 to 11 Jul 2018

  • Part 2: Development Management Policies Document - Regulation 18 Consultation Closed

    The Council has prepared a Regulation 18 Development Management Policies document for consultation, the document contains policies on various issues such as protection of agricultural land, retail frontages, neighbourhood and village centres, green infrastructure, residential space standards, light pollution, noise, design, heritage assets, etc. The main purpose of the document is to provide detailed policies to help determine day to day planning applications. This document will facilitate the delivery of the Gravesham Local Plan Core Strategy (2014) and provide further policy detail which is needed beyond that contained in the Core Strategy and national policy i.e. the National Planning Policy Framework.

    Open from 25 Apr 2018 to 11 Jul 2018

  • Local Plan Review - Updating Gravesham's Priorities for the next decade Closed

    We're asking for your views on future development. A comprehensive public consultation gets under way on Wednesday 25 April, and lasts until 5.00 pm on Wednesday 11 July 2018. This gives everyone the chance to offer their views on the Local Plan which includes the amount of additional development needed, where it should be located, and how development should be managed going forward.

    Open from 25 Apr 2018 to 11 Jul 2018