Gravesham Self-Build and Custom Building Register

The Council would like to know how many people see self build and custom build as a route to having a new home in the area.

This register will indicate the demand for self/custom build locally in Gravesham. The information held by the register will enable us to develop housing and planning policies which support the kinds of self and custom build projects that would be most appropriate.

Interested applicants are asked to confirm their interest for self-build or custom build housing in Gravesham by completing the questionnaire available below.

How we will use your information

At this stage the register will help us to understand the level of interest in self-build and custom build serviced plots in Gravesham. ‘Serviced plots’ are those which have access to the public highway and connections for utilities (electricity, water, waste water). We will keep the information you provide on the application form confidential and the register will not be published. However, summary information from the register i.e. the overall number of people and associations on the register will be made public via data returns to the Government i.e.  Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's (formerly the Department for Communities and Local Government) and through the annual Authority Monitoring Report.

The register is a statutory requirement and will help us find out more about the individuals and groups of individuals who want to build or have their own home built. 

In the future, the register may be used to try and match those with an interest in starting a self-build project with landowners who might have suitable serviced plots of land available for housing.

Further Information

Any proposal for self-build housing will need a formal planning application and will be subject to the relevant policies set out within the development plan for Gravesham.

Additional information on self-build homes is available through the Self-Build Portal which provides encouragement and advice to people who want to build their own home.  Alternatively the National Custom and Self Build Association brings together developers, architects, planners, financial and warranty providers, manufacturers, self builders, community groups and local authorities to develop, share and promote best practice in self and custom build.

Government guidance regarding self-build and custom build is available here.

Please note there is a £50 fee to register, this fee will need to be paid to the Council's Planning Administration team via a telephone payment on 01474 33 7688, once you have completed the form. Most major debit and credit cards are accepted.

Whilst the Council at present only charges a one off fee to register, the Council reserves the right to charge an annual fee in future for entries on Part 1 of the register. 

If you have any queries regarding this consultation  please contact the Planning Policy Team by email at  or by telephone on 01474 33 76 03

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